Supplies & Equipment 

We currently are able to do local sales & pick up only (central Oregon area)

8 frame Langstroth boxes ( 10 frame upon request) & supers, top cover & bottom boards,  frames, nuc boxes & more...

SPRING DEAL: 8 Frame hive set up, includes one 8 frame hive body, 8 frames, top cover & bottom board & a 5 frame nuc of bees (bees available mid  April & again early May) with a 2021 laying queen for $325.00

This also includes one free hive check/inspection (usually $35.00 fee for the Bend area) or assistance with your hive to help get you going if need. 

You can get your hive supplies & equipment anytime & I will contact you when bees are ready in April=) 

We now carry beekeeping supplies and equipment. 


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