Sometimes we find bees have made home in places we would rather them maybe not bee.....

Feral colonies are different than a swarm of bees.

A feral bee colony is an established "hive" of bees that has made a home somewhere. 

Removing a feral colony can be fairly simple (sometimes...or at least so I have heard, but have never had such luck. At least not yet...Lol...) or it can be a bit tricky depending on several factors, one being the location. 

Catching a swarm of bees that has landed to rest somewhere while the scout bees are off scouting for a new place to built their home if often a far simpler call (but not always! Again, location has quite a bit to do with this....). 

Honey bees are great out scouting out safe places to create &build their homes. Sometimes we humans may disagree on the definition of what a "great" location for a bee colony may be....

(above) Me on a hive cut out / feral bee colony removal call

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